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Jar of Good Things

gratitude Jan 03, 2024

Sometimes we get to the end of the year and can’t remember much of what happened. I have a solution for you: make and use a Jar of Good Things.

Here are the supplies you will need:
• An empty jar
• A stack of small pieces of paper
• A pen

The jar can be anything from a simple mason jar to a fancy crystal dish with lid. Look around your house to see what you already have or check the dollar store for inexpensive options.
I found a 4 x 6 pad of colored paper at the dollar store that works great for this project.

Display your jar, paper, and pen somewhere you will see it daily. Then follow these steps:
Step One – Write down a good thing that happened each week.
Step Two – Fold the paper and place it in the jar.
Step Three – At the end of the year, read all the good things you experienced!

Of course, you can write down your “good things” more frequently if you want. And take them out and read them any time you want a little boost of joy and gratitude.
Get started on your jar of good things!