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Consulting Your Second Brain

eft goals self-help stress tapping Jan 24, 2024

Sometimes we have decisions and challenges that don’t seem to easily solvable with just our brain. Our gut, also known as the enteric nervous system (ENS), steps in like a second brain. The ENS, a network of neurons in our GI tract, regulates digestive processes and communicates with the brain through the vagus nerve. The gut is closely tied to our emotions, influencing both mood and feelings. This relationship works both ways – the ENS affects emotions, and emotions can impact gut function. By paying attention to how our gut responds to our thoughts, we can gain clarity and guidance that goes beyond rational thought.

The next time you need to consult your second brain, try this Gut Check Exercise:

Step 1 - Notice Your Body’s Reaction to True and False Statements

Find a quiet place free of interruptions and distractions. Relax.
• Say out loud “My name is ________” (say your name). Notice your body’s reaction.
• Now say out loud “My name is _____ “(this time say a name that is not your name). Notice your body’s reaction this time. Can you sense the difference?

Try some other statements that you know are 100% true or 100% false.
• “I love eating __________” (something you love to eat).
• “I love eating __________” (something you do NOT love to eat). Notice the difference.

Try this with a few other true and false statements until you can feel the difference in your body sensations with each type of statement.

Step 2 – Test a Statement

Test other statements to see how your gut responds.
If you are trying to make a decision:
• “Choice A is the best choice for me right now.”
• “Choice B is the best choice for me right now.”
If you are unsure about a goal you set:
• “My goal is to _____ by this date.”
Modify the goal statement with a different date or slightly harder or easier goal. Notice how your gut reacts.

You can also tap along with me in my Making a Decision video on YouTube.