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10 Tips for Trying New Things

eft goals self-help tapping Mar 20, 2024

Trying new things can break us out of a rut, but sometimes it’s hard to do. We can be held back by things like fear of failure, overwhelm, time constraints, fear of judgment, lack of confidence, perfectionism, or previous negative experiences.  Stepping outside our comfort zone can be challenging, but also rewarding once accomplished. 

Here are 10 steps you can follow to try something new:

  1. Identify the Activity: Choose a specific activity or experience you’re interested in trying – something you’ve always wanted to do or something completely new. It could be a new recipe, an exercise, a hobby, a skill, a habit, or some adventure.
  2. Research: Take time to research the activity and gather information about what is involved. Watch videos, read books, or talk to someone you know with experience doing this thing.
  3. Set Clear Goals: Decide what you will aim to accomplish and by when. Giving yourself a deadline is important!
  4. Know Your Why: Identify your purpose behind this and what value this will bring to your life.
  5. Make a Plan: Break the activity into small steps and identify when you will do them. Put them on your calendar!
  6. Gather Support: Find an accountability buddy or support group for encouragement and connection.
  7. Identify Obstacles: List the potential roadblocks you may encounter along the way and have a plan of action ready to address them.
  8. Learn from Mistakes: The goal is not to do it perfectly from the beginning. Use mistakes and setbacks to make you wiser and stronger.
  9. Keep Trying: Adjust your goal or timeframe as needed. If this new thing doesn’t turn out like you anticipated, use the experience to plan for the next new thing you’ll try.
  10. Celebrate: Don’t wait until you’ve accomplished your goal to celebrate.  Focus on your progress and cheer yourself on as you go.

If you want to try something new but can’t get started or get stuck along the way, try EFT Tapping.  Tap along with me in my Trying New Things video.